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Burial At Sea

Burial at sea holds a profound significance for many individuals and cultures around the world. There are several reasons why someone might choose this method of final farewell:

Connection to the Sea: For individuals who have had a deep connection to the sea throughout their lives, whether through maritime careers, hobbies like sailing or diving, or simply a profound love for the ocean, burial at sea can offer a fitting final resting place. It allows their remains to become part of the very element that they held dear.
Spiritual or Religious Beliefs: In various cultures and religions, the sea holds spiritual significance. Some view it as a symbol of eternity, while others believe in rituals or customs that involve returning the body to the elements from which it came. Burial at sea can align with these beliefs, offering a sense of continuity and connection to the divine.
Environmental Considerations: As awareness of environmental impact grows, some individuals opt for burial at sea as a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional burials or cremation. In certain cases, it can have less environmental impact, especially if done in accordance with regulations that ensure minimal disturbance to marine ecosystems.
Personal Preference: Ultimately, the choice of burial at sea often comes down to personal preference. Some individuals may have expressed a desire for it in their will or discussions with loved ones, while others may see it as a unique and meaningful way to bid farewell to a departed loved one.
Regardless of the reasons behind it, burial at sea carries a sense of reverence and connection to nature, offering a serene and timeless final resting place amidst the vast expanse of the ocean.

Scattering ashes can be done in several ways. The most popular way is to simply pour the cremains directly from the original container into the water. Special urns are now made for burials at sea. They are 100% biodegradable and can be placed into the ocean. This method limits the amount of handling. The cremains can also be placed into to a wicker basket lined with biodegradable paper and then lowered into the ocean. Family and friends can participate in “lowering the cremains to the deep” by assisting in letting go of the rope.

To uphold the highest respect for the loved one, all burials at sea are performed on private charters. We have several sailing vessels available to meet your needs from 2 up to groups of up to 28 passengers. Give us a call or email to and we will gladly speak with you about all of the options available.

Unattended Burial At Sea

Unattended ash scattering services offers a dignified scattering option for family and loved ones who are unable to be present. The ashes are taken to a pre selected location where they are released. The location of the scattering is marked with longitude and latitude coordinates which allows for revisiting the location. Pre selected locations are available including beautiful costal backdrops and island locations. Our unattended ash scattering services option gives family and loved ones that cannot be physically present for the service, a means to provide a peaceful interment. The unattended ash scattering services are also our most economical option. Cremated remains, also known as Cremains, are received and handled in a professional and respectful manor. The cremated remains will be scattered within 14 days of delivery. A certificate will be mailed to the family that includes the exact location, time, and date of scattering after the event takes place. Arrangements for transport can be made at the United States Postal Service. Steps on how to prepare your shipment and what you will need to send along with it are provided. Please view the transportation instructions for comprehensive details.